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Industry is a shared office environment designed for creatives, technology professionals, freelancers, small businesses and other independent workers. Our space offers both private offices as well as flexible workspaces for people to get out of their home office or the coffee shop, and plug into a dynamic community of people.

Our space is also home to startups, small companies and remote workers who may be with larger firms outside of the Charlotte market. All of these members call Industry home because it gives them a great place to get work done, meet with a team or client and connect and network with like-minded individuals.



The Office


Our space is located in the NC Music Factory, which was one of the area’s most thriving textile mills back in 1904. Beginning as a mill producing cotton bags and ties, the factory was significant for its contribution to the industrial strength of Charlotte, NC throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

We’re working to transform this amazing space into a modern and unique environment while keeping the character of the building intact. Ultimately we will have over 8000 square feet of space, with lots of room to work, meet and play. We will have over two-dozen private offices of varying sizes, and room for over 50 open desk members at any time. We will also have “phone booths” for you to take a private phone call and several conference rooms for you to take meetings in. We also have some great areas to lounge and relax.

In addition to our coworking space, we also have a designated event space to accommodate larger events, workshops, meetings or parties. We enjoy being a hub for networking events, meetups and other opportunities for like-minded people to get together.



How do I check things out? Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, you will need to make an appointment to tour or test out Industry. Visitors are welcome to stop in, take a look around, grab an open workspace and…if you want, spend the day giving Industry a test drive…just call us first to give us a heads up. Our members are accustomed to welcoming new coworkers all the time, and will be happy to hook you up with a WiFi password and anything else you need. If you would like to get a more formal tour and be sure that someone can meet you to answer any specific questions you might have, just call or email us and we can setup a time that’s convenient for you.

What type of people work at Industry?
Our membership frequently changes, however the majority of our members fall into creative, technology and other entrepreneurial careers. Graphic designers, web developers, writers, marketers, video production, search engine optimization and social media gurus…a diverse, yet like-minded crowd. Industry has also become a great place for remote workers who need a break from the home office. As a rule, our members enjoy interacting with other people, being part of interesting and sometimes inspiring conversations and contributing to the vibe of our community of members.

What is the vibe at Industry during the day?
Every day is different, as our members have a wide range of schedules and work habits.  Some days are more quiet than others, but there is generally a constant hum of productivity.  You might find everyone hard at work, earbuds in, and getting things done…or an impromptu conversation may break out about an interesting topic, event or news story.  Some days are routine…some days a new startup is, well…started. Because we have a community of people with common careers and interests it can be a great place to develop both professional and personal relationships.  There is also a surprising amount of sub-contracting among members who need each other’s skill sets or business services.

What about noise? Can I get things done?
Our space is like any open office environment.  Phone calls and conversations can all contribute to increased noise levels.  While everyone maintains a respectful attitude of other members, you will often find people using headphones to escape to their own happy place.  Members often make use of the conference rooms or more secluded seating areas for private calls or conversations. Basically…it’s not a problem.

What about my stuff. Is it secure?
Desk members vary greatly regarding how they treat their personal belongings. Some members pack up and take everything with them, even for a trip to lunch…while others might leave things at the office all day long because they aren’t worried about it.  We have never had any personal belongings go missing due to other members.  Every person has their own comfort level…and if you need a truly secure environment for a fair amount of hardware or other materials, a secure office might be a good solution for you.

We have plenty of free and easy to access parking at our building, for both members and any guests or clients that you may need to entertain. If you are coming to visit Industry, park by the fountain and enter through the double doors under the “Osso” sign. Once inside, call who you are meeting so they can come let you into the office.

Is the internet fast?
Yes.  We are constantly monitoring our internet service and have upgraded several times as demand increases.  We run a dedicated business class line.  Our current service is a 55MB download / 5MB upload connection.  Desk members operate on wi-fi.  Private office members have a dedicated ethernet with their own static IP address for VoiP or other dedicated services.

Do I have to sign a contract?
We do have a standard Membership Agreement. But it’s a very simple one that covers some basic legal issues. Desk memberships are month-to-month and office memberships are available for as little as a 90 day commitment. Becoming a member at Industry is very similar to joining a gym…but with a better chance that you’ll stick with it.

Does Industry have a day rate?
Because our Desk Membership is at such an affordable rate, we don’t offer a day rate. If you need a place to stop in once or twice, please feel free. We’ll let you know when you have overstayed your welcome and should consider signing up for a Desk Membership. In short, we want to be a place where our community can get things done. Let us know how we can help you do that.

Can anyone hold an event at Industry?
Yes. Our event space is open to anyone, as long as it is properly scheduled and/or rented. Industry members with a private office may hold events at no charge, desk members receive discounted rates and non-members are subject to our normal event rates. Please see our MEMBERSHIP page for more information. Have a non-profit or special situation? Let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make our space accessible for you and your event.

Does Industry have phone lines?
No. Our space is completely web or mobile based.  Office members have access to a static IP address for VoiP access.

How do you handle security?
Our space offers several levels of security for our members and their belongings. The office is open to the public from 10am-5pm during the week. The office is fully secure the remainder of the time with the only access being for our members who have 24/7 access. Our security system logs the entry of every user and also tracks entry and exit with a camera security system. We aren’t in the business of catching dishonest people, so our security efforts are directed towards creating a safe and respectful work environment and simply deterring any type of inappropriate behavior.

If you have any additional questions or need specific information, please let us know.






$129 / mo

  • Flexible Desk Space

  • WiFi Internet Access

  • Networked Printer

  • Free coffee

  • 24/7 Access

  • meeting rooms/unlimited


$399-699 / mo

  • Private/Secure Office

  • Secure Storage

  • Ethernet w/ Static IP

  • Networked Printer

  • Free coffee

  • 24/7 Access

  • meeting rooms/unlimited






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Industry is a great place to hold your meeting, event, meetup, party or other get together! Our large semi-private conference room is a great option for those who need an occasional meeting place. Our 825 sq. ft. event space can be configured in a number of ways, from theater seating for 50+ to flexible and creative layouts for  more casuals affairs. Take a look at our event details and let us know if we can help you with your next occasion.




Event Space / Venue

Industry has a great event space that is regularly used by a variety of groups for lots of different reasons.  From networking events to meetups, mini-conferences and social gatherings our, creative and casual environment is a break from the norm. Convenient, affordable and easy to use. Check it out today!

Theater seating 50+
Open room accommodates 75+
Flexible seating options
Tables and chair setup ( seating for 20 )
50 folding chairs
Projector & 120″screen
55″ TV for screenings/presentations
Audio System
High Speed WiFi (55mb/5mb)
Access to kitchen and restrooms
Free parking for over 75 cars
Cleanup and setup included




$100/hr | $375-4 hrs | $700-8 hrs


For more information or to book your next meeting or event: Call us at 980.229.4549 or email us at events@industrycharlotte.com




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