Industry is a shared office environment designed for creatives, technology professionals, freelancers, small businesses and other independent workers. Our space offers both private offices as well as flexible workspaces for people to get out of their home office or the coffee shop, and plug into a dynamic community of people.

Our space is also home to startups, small companies and remote workers who may be with larger firms outside of the Charlotte market. All of these members call Industry home because it gives them a great place to get work done, meet with a team or client and connect and network with like-minded individuals.


Our space is located in the NC Music Factory, which was one of the area’s most thriving textile mills back in 1904. Beginning as a mill producing cotton bags and ties, the factory was significant for its contribution to the industrial strength of Charlotte, NC throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

We’re working to transform this amazing space into a modern and unique environment while keeping the character of the building intact. Ultimately we will have over 8000 square feet of space, with lots of room to work, meet and play. We will have over two-dozen private offices of varying sizes, and room for over 50 open desk members at any time. We will also have “phone booths” for you to take a private phone call and several conference rooms for you to take meetings in. We also have some great areas to lounge and relax.

In addition to our coworking space, we also have a designated event space to accommodate larger events, workshops, meetings or parties. We enjoy being a hub for networking events, meetups and other opportunities for like-minded people to get together.